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Anti-Money Laundering Act 2001 Policies & Procedures Sample
Publication Date : June 2005
Anti-Money Laundering Act 2001 Policies & Procedures SampleIn year 2003, a framework comprising 40 recommended measures drawn by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) were extended to include company service providers, which by definition included Company Secretaries in public practice. Part IV of the AMLA was therefore invoked on Company Secretaries on 30 September 2004.

Company Secretaries in public practice are now required to develop and implement internal programmes, policies, procedures and controls to guard against money laundering and to ensure compliance with AMLA (Section 19(1) of AMLA).
This Template was developed to assist company service providers in fulfilling their obligations under AMLA.
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Model Board Charter
Publication Date : June 2005
Model Board CharterBoard of Directors has always been looked upon as the most reliable group of persons within the corporation to spearhead the responsibility of ensuring good corporate governance policies and practices. On many occasions, companies have failed as a result of poor governance practices by the Boards of Directors due to lack of knowledge of their functions and responsibilities, lack of proper guidance on how the complexities within the organization ought to be managed or just general apathy.

This Model Board Charter is designed to guide directors and company officers, especially those involved in public listed companies, in the development of their own Board Charter.

Why you should have this book:
Useful guides in the design of their own board structure and customize it to suit their individual needs.
Directors and company secretaries will find this publication useful in drawing up their own Board Charters to enhance their effectiveness in corporate governance.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Publication Date: February 2010
MAICSA Template SeriesThis Template Series on FAQs is an integration of questions and answers to address technical grey areas and to provide insight into the practical aspects of technical knowledge in handling company secretary’s procedures. The publication has been technically edited and enhanced.

The FAQs serve as a use full guide in enhancing the competency of secretarial practitioners in discharging their duties, and upholding best practices in corporate governance.

Hence, the latest Template Series is a must have for all professionals involved in advising their boards or clients.
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