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Library Services for Members  print
The library provides answers to enquiries pertaining to ICSA literature searches and related subjects on company secretarial practice, management, accounting and law made either through mail, telephone, fax, e-mail or in person. Detailed technical queries are referred to the Technical Department. Photocopying on certain library materials is allowed at a charge.
Current Awareness Service
The library provides listings of its latest books acquisitions, which are published in the MAICSA quarterly journal, "Corporate Vo!ce" Popular new titles acquired by the library will be put up on display in the library before final shelving. Important notices are posted on the Library Notice Board.
Lending Service
The Library Lending Service was implemented in October 1996. Graduates, Associates and Fellows of MAICSA are eligible to register for this facility which has recently been extended to the Affiliate members, effective 1 July 2006. The Lending Service was extended to the Students on 1 March 2003 (refer to Library Services for Students for details).
The Library Lending Service is provided to Fellow, Associate, Graduate and Affiliate members of MAICSA.
Please fill in the Library Lending Membership card if you wish to borrow any books from the library. You are required to submit 3 copies of recent photographs (driving license size) for the processing of your Library Lending Membership card and Borrowers' Tickets.
Members are required to pay a deposit of RM 100.00 for the Lending Service, which is refundable only after 1 year from the date of registration and upon request for termination of the service. Request for the termination of the Lending Service must be acknowledged in writing in which you need to state your reason for terminating yourself from the Library Lending Service Membership. Together with your letter, you have to submit the Borrowers' tickets for the processing of the refund. Failing to submit these items, you will only be partially refunded.
Two Borrowers' Tickets will be issued to members whose applications for Library Lending Membership have been approved. The Borrowers' Tickets can be processed immediately, provided all the required information given in the Lending Membership Card are correct and verified.
Members must notify the library of any change in their current addresses and telephone numbers or employers, so that the Library Lending Membership record is always kept up-to-date.
With two Borrowers' Tickets, members are allowed to borrow two books at a time for a duration of three weeks. Books with red labels on the shelves are strictly for reference only in the library. However, certain reference books may be allowed for borrowing under a special arrangement. The Library also keeps CDs on MAICSA events which may be lent out upon request. Please consult the Library staff for further details.
The due dates may be extended for a further period of one week. When requesting for loan extension, student members must quote the due date and the accession number as per indicated on the inside front cover of the book. Loan extension will be allowed if the books are not requested or reserved by any other members. Renewals can be made either in person, via the telephone or e-mail to library@maicsa.org.my.
Every member is responsible for any books borrowed under his or her name and will be liable for any damage or loss of books borrowed. Please report lost or damage of books or materials immediately to the library. No member should mark or damage any books or other documents in any way.
A borrower will be charged the full cost of the book for every book lost, plus 10% of the book price (i.e. To cover the library processing cost for the book). The affected member will not be allowed to borrow any more books until such cost has been reimbursed.
Members will be fined RM 1.00 per day for each book that is overdue. Borrowers' Tickets are not transferable and must be produced for every loan transaction.
The library also provides Book Reservation service. A member who wishes to reserve any book for borrowing may do so, upon availability of the book, the intending borrower will be notified.
Loss of Borrowers' Tickets must be reported immediately to the library, so that a replacement card can be processed. If the old card is recovered, the member must return it to the library. The cost for one replacement card is RM 5.00. Members are not allowed to have more than two Borrowers' Tickets under their name.
Annual reports, periodicals/journals, loose-leaf manuals and newspaper cuttings are for reference only.
Lapsed members will be temporarily suspended from the Library Lending Service until their MAICSA membership is renewed.
MAICSA Resource Centre reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Library Lending Membership of any member for misconduct which includes contravention of any of these rules and failure to return books after the third notice.
Members who wish to use their personal notebooks in the Library are required to sign the “Letter of Undertaking for: Use of Personal Notebook at MAICSA Office”.
Corporate Service
Reference service is recently provided to employees of organizations who have made pre-arrangements with the library staff to do some research and reference work in the library. The charge for the service is RM 50.00 per person per day (limited to 2 persons from each organization). Similarly, the library reference service is also available for university/college students undertaking research. The charge for university/college students is RM 15.00 per student per day and all students are required to submit a letter of recommendation from the Dean or Head of their respective faculty or department at the university/college.