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Inter-Library Loan Service  print
MAICSA Resource Centre (KL) is pleased to announce that with effect from 1 August 2006, provides the Inter-Library Loan Service to all members who have signed up for the Library Lending Membership.

The Inter-Library Loan Service (ILLS) was launched by the National Library of Malaysia to enable libraries or institutions to loan publications amongst any of the participating libraries. Members wanting to borrow books not available in MAICSA Resource Centre can use this service to request MAICSA to obtain them from other libraries registered under the ILLS scheme. Books can be loaned for a one-month duration and audio-visual materials for two weeks (subject to the individual policies of the supplying libraries). However, the supplying libraries may revise the loan period if their books or audio-visual materials have been reserved by other libraries/institutions.

Members can place their request to the MAICSA Resource Centre by completing a form providing details of the books/materials that they wish to borrow i.e. author, title, publisher & publication date, title of journal & volume no., conference & seminar papers (subject to individual policies of the participating libraries), and audio-visual materials. For materials that cannot be borrowed, members may request for pages to be photocopied at a photostating charge. Please call us at +603-2282 9276 extension 501 or 503 for further details.