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Library Collections  print
The library collections include :
Government gazettes
Annual reports
Conference and seminar papers
Loose-leaf reference manuals
Newspaper clippings
Compiled sets of past year ICSA examination question papers
Examiner's Reports and Suggested Answers
CDs on selected MAICSA events
The Library also stocks other sources of information pertaining to ICSA coverage and syllabus, as well as business, management, finance, accounting, law and administration at large and will be acquiring non-book materials such as video and cassette tapes on management and training.

To date, the library holds 8,437 volumes of books and the number is expanding based on monthly new acquisition of books. There are 9 journals placed on subscription and about 30 titles of journals, bulletins and newsletters received on complimentary basis from various sources such as companies, professional bodies, government departments, colleges and universities, publishers and other ICSA regional associations. Occasionally the library receives annual reports from most major public listed companies and banks.

Collections are catalogued according to the Anglo-American cataloguing rules 2nd ed. And classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Systems 20th edition. Subject classification follows the Library of Congress Subject Headings List 15th ed. And also the Sears List Subject Headings.

The library acquired the IRIS (Information Retrieval Imaging System) library software in April 1997 to computerize the library catalogues. In January 2004, the library system has been upgraded to "PUSTAKA which provides online literature search and supports the installation of the OPAC ( Online Public Access Catalogue ) for the library. With this installation, members are able to check on the availability of any book in the library either by Author, Title or Subject search. It enables members to browse through the library catalogues without the hassle of going through the card catalogue system. In May 2004, the computerised library catalogues under ‘PUSTAKA" was made accessible on the Internet as web-enabled OPAC which allows members to browse through the catalogues from the Internet, anywhere and anytime.