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658.4038011 APP
Lynda M. Applegate, Robert D. Austin and Deborah L. Soule
Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases / Lynda M. Applegate, Robert D. Austin and Deborah L. Soule. - 8th ed. - Singapore: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), 2009

This book examines how information technology (IT) enables organisations to conduct business in radically different and more effective ways. The commercialisation of the Internet and the steady stream of innovations have created a seismic change in the business environment. The objective of this book is to provide readers with a better understanding of the influence of twenty-first-century technologies on business decisions. It includes cases focusing on the issues faced and the decisions made by the executives in companies around the world.
658.15 LEO
Andrew Leong Fook Chee, Sharifah Fadzlon binti Abdul Hamid and Tew Yoo Hoo
Corporate Finance / Andrew Leong Fook Chee, Sharifah Fadzlon binti Abdul Hamid and Tew Yoo Hoo.- Petaling Jaya: Prentice Hall/Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 2009

This book is written primarily for Malaysian students taking courses in corporate finance in accounting, business and finance undergraduate programmes. This book can also be used as a reference for students preparing for professional examinations. Students pursuing post graduate courses in finance would also find this book useful. In addition, it can serve as a guide for executives and managers.
658.422 COY
Brian Coyle
Corporate Governance: ICSA Study Text /Brian Coyle. - London: ICSA Publishing, 2010

This new update of the ICSA study text in Corporate Governance will help prepare students for their examination and establish them as the chief advisor to the board on best practice in corporate governance. The text includes the history and the development of corporate governance practice as well as the complete texts of the Combined Code on Corporate Governance, the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance as well as other key guidance documents. It also explains the role of the company secretary in corporate governance awareness and compliance.
330.9955 MAL
Economic Report 2011/2012. - Kuala Lumpur: Ministry of Finance, 2011

Economic Report 2011/2012 was released on Budget Day 7 October 2011. It covers the overall budget 2011/2012, economic focus, strategies and programmes to enhance the nation’s potential growth as well as improve the well – being of the ‘rakyat’. The 2012 budget is anchored on the national transformation agenda, comprising the four pillars to drive change. In line with this development and commitment of the Government, the implementation of the Economic Transformation Programme and Government Transformation Programme will drive Malaysia towards achieving Vision 2020.
658.15 BRE
Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers and Alan J. Mareus
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance / Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers and Alan J. Mareus.-6th ed. - Singapore: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), 2010

This book focuses on how companies invest in real assets and how they raise the money to pay for these investments. It also provides a broad introduction to the financial landscape, discussing, for example, the major players in financial markets, the role of financial institutions in the economy, and how securities are traded and valued by investors. This book was written to make financial management clear, useful, interesting and fun for the beginning student. It sets out to show that modern finance and good financial practice go together.
332.6420917671 REG
Regulatory Requirements, Legal Documentation, Accounting, Auditing and Taxation in the Islamic Capital Market. - Petaling Jaya: Lexis Nexis Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 2009

Islamic Capital Market is a series of six titles endorsed by the Securities Commission Malaysia and published by Lexis Nexis. It is written in response to the expanding role of Islamic capital market globally. The contents of this book are divided into two parts. Part 1 focuses on the legal and regulatory framework of the Islamic capital market; Part 2 describes the fundamentals of accounting, auditing and taxation, and compares conventional and Shariah auditing. It is an excellent reference for professionals in both Islamic and conventional capital markets.