PERKESO: PERKESO - Employment Insurance System Act 2017
SSM: SSM - Mandatory Lodgement of "Notification of Change in the Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries" through MyCoID2016 Portal
MAICSA: Members’ Dialogue - Malaysian Business Reporting System (MBRS)
LHDNM: LHDNM - Filing Program for Income Tax Return Form
BNM: BNM - Client Due Diligence Form
LHDNM: LHDNM - XBRL Submission System
Bursa: Bursa - Issuance of Consequential Amendments to LR relating to Certain Definitions
MAICSA: Members’ Dialogue on the Employment Insurance System Act 2017
SSM: SSM - eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
SC: SC - Response to Members' Queries on Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance
Customs: Customs - Private Consultative Panel 2/2017 Meeting
LHDNM: LHDNM - Public Ruling on Residence Status of Individuals
Bursa: Bursa - Amendments to Main Market Listing Requirements
LHDNM: LHDNM - Public Ruling No. 8/2017 on Professional Indemnity Insurance
SOCSO: SOCSO - Electronic Requisition System
Bursa: Bursa - 3rd Edition of Corporate Governance Guide
SSM: SSM - Update of Prescribed Forms under Schedule B
Perkeso: Employment Insurance System Bill 2017 - Responsibility of Employer and Liability of Secretary
Customs: Royal Malaysian Customs Department
Bursa: Bursa - Amendments to Listing Requirements