Amnesty Scheme for Lapsed Members
In commemoration of the Institute’s 60th Anniversary in 2020, an Amnesty Scheme has been implemented to invite lapsed members and graduates to seek reinstatement to the membership register, for the period April to December 2019.
Mandatory CPD Guidelines
We refer to the revised Mandatory CPD guideline relating to 20% CPD Hours (i.e. 4 CPD Hours) on Governance topics, and would like to clarify as follows: Company secretaries have an important role to play as governance professionals. Governance is more than just complying with laws, regulations, standards, and codes.
MAICSA Intensive Revision Seminars for June 2019 Examination
The Institute will be organising Intensive Revision Seminars for the IQS Professional Part 2 subjects for Corporate Financial Management, Corporate Administration, Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretaryship in order to assist students, who have registered for the subjects in the June 2019 examination, to prepare for the examinations.
Discontinuance of CPE Seminars - ICSA IQS Part 1
We wish to inform students that the Institute will discontinue with the conduct of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminars cum assignments as a method of assessment for the ICSA IQS Part 1 subjects, with effect from 30 September 2019.
6% Service Tax on Training Fees Charged by MAICSA
In accordance with the announcement issued by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department on the implementation of the Sales and Service Tax (SST) Act 2018 on 31 December 2018, the training fees charged by MAICSA will be subject to 6% Service Tax, with effect from 1 March 2019.
Annual Subscriptions 2019
With effect from January 2019, all invoices for annual subscriptions and fees and renewal of Practising Certificates will be sent via e-mail only. For Practising Certificate Holders, please submit your PC Renewal Form and Professional Indemnity Insurance policy together with the renewal fee.
Updating Members Records
In order to serve you better, we are currently updating the records of all members, graduates and affiliates of the Institute. Please e-mail any changes to your personal or employment details to